Reality Check: The Rewrite Of You

Devoted and Divorced

In the movie business, a screenwriter may be told to do a ‘rewrite’ of their screenplay. This usually consists of using the original version of their story as a rough guide but manipulating and editing its events so that it works better for the intended viewer. This might mean losing major scenes from its timeline, portraying characters differently and repackaging the overall narrative.

I have experienced a rewrite, I have been a part of one. It involved manipulation, deleting scenes, editing of major key events and a general revamp and reworking for its intended audience. The rewrite was of me.

To betray and leave someone who you have loved and built a life with takes a special kind of compartmentalization. It involves you untangling from that person, detaching from their love and their bonding to you.

To see it through goes against the grain of everything you have built…

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