Inner Strength


My hands go on to share
the words I write.
In hopes it goes on to touch
even a single soul tonight.

For if one can find strength
in all that I share, then what I’ve endured will be worth it in gold
to show that YES someone really does care.

Strength comes from
inside of you and me.
It may be laying dormant and at times impossible to see.

If you feel like you
are a little down and out
just hold on a little tighter
as you carry yourself about.

Tomorrow will come and bring you another ray of hope.
In some shape or form to help you get by and cope.

The dark clouds will lift it can’t stay dark forever.
This storm too shall pass
so no need to give at all whatsoever.

Find your hidden strength that you have the one we all host

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5 thoughts on “Inner Strength

  1. Thanks for your positive words and thoughts, dear Chuck 🙂
    Every thought that consists of positivity is a small contribution to improve our world, my heartfelt thankfulness for it, dear friend 🙂

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      1. Yes, I enjoyed the post – sorry, I made a mistake, dear Chuck and thought it was your poem – so my thankfulness goes to you for sharing it and my gratitude to real-lifepoetryblog, the poetess, who wrote this wonderful poem.

        Next time I pay better attention…

        So I beg your indulgence for the error occured.

        All the best my friend

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        1. No worries< My Friend! Happy you enjoyed it! I have caught myself doing the same thing! No indulgence needed, Dear Didi! Just one of those human Oops moments and we move forward!
          I really appreciate your support so much for my words and blog!! I really appreciate your friendship!!!

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