One Package

Come enjoy Sarah’s – ONE PACKAGE and see if you feel the same way about your Beloved!!!

Sarah Doughty

“Don’t you see? Darling, all I want is you.”

Don’t you see? All I want is you. Nothing else matters. And nothing ever will. I suppose that’s what love really is — sacrifice. But it doesn’t seem that way. At least to the ones in love. When it comes to love, it’s not giving anything up. It’s never too fast. Too slow. Too much. Or too little. It’s getting everything you’ve ever wanted in one package. So, don’t you see? Because all I want is you.

© Sarah Doughty

All I want is you. Just you.

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3 thoughts on “One Package

    1. Yes, she amazes me the way her words seem to know how to play on my heartstrings!!! My soul seems to be tuned to your words too!!! Thanks so much for sharing that about Sarah!!!


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