Remember Me When You are Alone

Be sure to read why we need our best friends and Kindred Spirits in our lives!!!!

Confab With Me

If you don’t remember me
during your merry days
I will never complain,
for I know you have many friends
to cheer with you,
to rejoice and celebrate your success

But when you feel low
and you see the world collapsing on you
entrapping your soul in some lonely night
with no shoulder left to cry on

In such situations
keep me in your speed dial
I will hold you in my embrace
cuddle you,
share your tears
without prejudice
or indulge in questioning
the wrong or right

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Grace Revolution 

Please come and enjoy this insightful Post. Read to the end!

Everything I Never Told You

I have a birthday coming up in Sept. Hint, it’s the 4th and I accept Dior and cash. Ha! I really need to revamp my joke collection. I’ve been in a reflective mood as I approach another year in the life. Looking back I’m kind of amazed at how I’ve come into my own over the last decade. Talk about a late bloomer. I hope I never stop blooming. I’m already well on my way to becoming a blooming idiot. 🙃 Really though I’m my worst critic but I’ve achieved some really wonderful things. I need to own that instead of being so down on myself. Yes, folks. I’m all kind of amazing. Ha!

Life is good, even though I have my battles with depression and anxiety. I can be really miserable and morose, but can’t we all? On the upside, I’ve just started a new career and I’ve really…

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One Package

Come enjoy Sarah’s – ONE PACKAGE and see if you feel the same way about your Beloved!!!

Sarah Doughty

“Don’t you see? Darling, all I want is you.”

Don’t you see? All I want is you. Nothing else matters. And nothing ever will. I suppose that’s what love really is — sacrifice. But it doesn’t seem that way. At least to the ones in love. When it comes to love, it’s not giving anything up. It’s never too fast. Too slow. Too much. Or too little. It’s getting everything you’ve ever wanted in one package. So, don’t you see? Because all I want is you.

© Sarah Doughty

All I want is you. Just you.

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#NightRhythms . . .In the coming hours of darkness



In the coming hours of darkness
may there be light in our dreams.
In the stillness of sleep
may there be strength for our souls.
In the wakeful watches of night
may there be peace in our minds.
Light for new vision
strength to make sacrifice
peace for our world.
On the pathway of earth’s journey this night
let there be peace. .

Praying with the Earth

John Philip Newell ~

Image Pintrest ~ Celtic Cross at Coilleach.
Text & image source: Linda Lockwood‎Celtic Christianity and Music

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Neglected Things

Scott Andrew Bailey - Author

By Scott Bailey © 2018

Some words
Are neglected
Not forgotten
Still in the lists
Used when absolutely
For example
When did you last utter it?
Like the object itself
It’s redundant
Only used
When it’s a problem
I feel like a chimney

Image from Pixabay

In response to my daily prompt Chimney

#DailyPrompt, #amwriting, #postaday

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