Best Kept Secret

Sarah Doughty

“I should’ve known that you’d see
how much I loved you.”

You see, I loved you, before I even realized what happened. One second I was my own person, and then you were the missing piece I never realized was gone at all. I wanted to take it back. To keep my heart to myself. Because, for me, nothing good ever came from trusting — let alone loving another creature. But my heart was just as stubborn as I was. So I decided on another alternative. Pretend nothing happened. Bury my heart in the sand and never let you know how I felt for you. You should have been my best kept secret. But I should’ve known you’d see right through me. You knew the instant our eyes made contact that I’d fallen for you. You knew just how much I loved you.

© Sarah Doughty

My eyes betrayed me…

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beyond the reach of us ~



he thought i was an angel
the evidence of grace –
an evermore he daring
dreamed –
with ink to score
the page

he warned
of time and certain tears –
I pretended not to know
of days beyond the reach of us
a place too far
to go

he pressed to me
and I to him –
in curs’ed rite
of storied bliss
recalled another coming home
with vows of tenderness

. . .

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Midnight Rider

Walt's Writings

I’m a midnight rider
Out for one last ride
Down that lonesome highway
Just to see a smile on your face
I’m such a long way from home
They told me someday
I would be a star
But someday never comes
I have dreams I can’t remember
I sing songs I can’t forget
Just rolling down the highway
With a life filled with regret
Heading back to the land
Of beaches, bars and high tides
And I’ll keep hanging on
For another day
And another

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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Beauty breathes

Siren Whispers

It is by her shores that I find

where beauty breathes.

With every ebb and flow of her tides

I inhale deeply 

of what my soul craves

and what my heart aches for;

exhaling what I no longer need,

burdens too heavy to carry

and which bring me only sorrow.

I lay them at my feet,

no sacrifice to the gods

simply a hopeful offering,

watching as the waves cover them completely,

gradually pulling them away from me,

freeing me

from what had held me below the surface

unable to breathe.


Copyright ©SirenSong1208

All rights reserved.

Photograph taken by SirenSong1208

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Notable Quotes: Part One August 2018 #notablequotes #pinterest #quotes


Hey! I’m hoping these are newer quotes. I think the part two from July were all repeats. Sorry, about that. My error, as I set some of quote posts to publish ahead of time.

I hope you are all well, and had amazing summers or pleasant winters. I love summer, but Fall’s my favourite. Despite how short the summers feel here, that in-between chill and warm air from summer, create the best weather. Not to mention, the fashion, the and wonderful colors in the river valley!








































©️Mandibelle16. (2018) All…

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“Best Places to Submit Poetry: A Ranking of Literary Magazines” by John Fox + updated with payment/submission fees

Trish Hopkinson

Thanks to John Fox for putting together this amazing list of Best Places to Submit Poetry. He actually went through 7 years worth (2011 – 2017) of the anthology The Best American Poetry to see where the poems had been originally published. The result was a list of 168 literary magazines. I took this list a step further–made sure the lit mag was still around, checked their payment level, and whether or not they charge submission fees. My updated table is below.

Definitely check out John Fox’s web site Bookfox. He tells his story on the About page and offers some incredible resources for writers, such as the Best Places to Submit Poetry list and other rankings like 100 Best Literary Magazines for Fiction. You can subscribe to his monthly email newsletter here:

“Bookfox is my gift back to the literary community that supported me…

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