By Charles Robert Lindholm

From The First Time
I Laid Eyes On You
I Loved You

It Was Love At First Sight,
And You Stole My Heart

That Moment
Was The Start
Of Me Loving You

And As Long
As I Live
That’s What I’ll Do

For All Of Your Life
I Loved You
And For The Rest Of Mine
I Will Miss You

You Are My Forever
And Always

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to every parent who has had to bury a child and knows the Forever Love that will always fill their heart to cushion the Forever Loss that no parent ever expects to have to feel.

My Mom and Aunt and other friends I love have had to endure this.  If this has been your experience too, I send you my love and condolences, for something there is no label to describe because it is so awful!!

God bless you All!!!


  1. This speaks directly to my heart… We lost our firstborn…and my heart cries, “Amen and amen” as I read this beautiful poem. Thank you for expressing the love of parent for child so incredibly well.

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    1. Oh, I am so very sorry to hear about your loss, My Dear! I am so happy and honored that this spoke to your heart and brought you some comfort to something that is so awful we don’t even have a label for it!!! Your comment is so kind and sweet! I was blessed to have received the inspiration for this!
      I wish you blessings and comfort!!! Perhaps, you might be tempted to come read some of my other posts??? LOL!


    1. I am so honored and happy that my words find a place in your heart, My Dear!! You know how much my heart goes out to you and all parents who have had to endure something nature never intended them to experience!! I was astonished to hear that John McCain’s mother is still alive and will be attending his services at 102???? You and your comment are always too sweet – Thanks so much!!!

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      1. i never knew that about McCain but I don’t really follow American politics, so thank you for sharing. a mother should never bury her child no matter what age, we never expect to outlive our children and the heartbreak is unimaginable. your words will always connect with mine, we have a friendship Charles.

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        1. Yes, we just finished all the public services for Senator McCain yesterday. It was so heartbreaking to hear his daughter Megan speaking about her father, but so inspiring and loving too!! Yes, you are very wise not to fill any of your brain cells with American politics. One of the few situations in life when having your head in the sand or being in a bubble is a good thing! No sense knowing what doesn’t affect you or you can’t change!!

          Yes, I also am a believer that a parent should never have to bury a child. It messes up the circle of life, in my opinion!! I was so happy to read Lynn Abbot’s response (to this post) and learn that this situation had happened to her and that my words were a comfort to her as I hope they have been to you too, My Dear!!

          I do hope that our words will always connect with each other’s and I treasure our friendship so very much!!! I don’t think I have mentioned (if I have it’s just oldtimer’s at work) that I love your current photo Icon so much! I think it is the best one you have ever had! It really captures the essence of you as much as a photo can – joyful, happy, caring and loving person!! I will beg you not to change this again, please!!! This is the you I think of when I am privileged to see your comments and it is just Super! Thank you, Dear Gina for your friendship and everything it means to me!!!
          Hope your weekend was a great one, filled with fun and laughter!

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    1. Oh, thank you, My Dear! I am so happy that you enjoyed this and that it made such an impact on you! This is the ultimate loss for parents!! Thanks so much for all your support for my blog!!


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