Poetry feature in Indian Periodical -Apocalypse

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My poem has been featured in the latest issue of the Indian periodical.
Please read it here


In search of a lifetime
I crossed lots of moments
Hopped over too many memories
and ran through many fears

In search of a soul mate
got too many scars
left withering in pain
left with my bleeding heart in vain

In search of peace
wiped a lot of tears
shared a lot of grief
shards cutting through the soul

In search of salvation
my soul is roaming endlessly
healing and bleeding continuously
waiting for the tourniquet to be tied

Yet the search never ends
The journey still remains
Here I’m standing still
Waiting for the apocalypse to begin.

Photo by Meireles Neto on Unsplash

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Love Poems- Words from Heart

If it were up to me I would talk to you 24 hours a day,
Forget about the sun and moon and just be with you all the way.

Ask you to hug me in the morning, as my eyes would flutter open to the sun,
And punch you playfully when you try to kiss me, just because it is so much fun.

I would describe midnights dressed in starlight’s, every time you ask me that question,
And laugh and smile, hold you like a pillow tight, through all the four seasons.

I would deliberately place my fingers over your lips, knowing very well what it would lead to,
And then write your beautiful words in my ink, because that’s what lovers do.

I would want to tell you everything about my life, all those silly details,
And pester you to tell me more about yourself, because that’s what relationship…

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Strangers and Lovers – Collaboration

Invincible Verses

I didn’t mean to fall for your
magnificent intellect and brilliant eyes

I didn’t mean to fall for your
stunning curves and accent

I didn’t mean to fall for your
innocent laugh and magnetic charm

I didn’t mean to fall for your
echoing fortress and wide skies

I didn’t mean to fall for your
lips of ecstasy and golden tongue

I didn’t mean to fall for your
luscious skin and blissful scent

I didn’t mean to fall for your
beloved moon and drops of silver

I didn’t mean to fall for your
desirous flame and solid wick

I didn’t mean to fall for your
intoxicating personality

still we have no control over destiny
and luck is not the same as fate.
Reflections blending through a window
lovers and strangers, the cruelest fate.
My heart is a bird trailing its shadow
Its course charted and true</
I never meant to fall,

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Poetry ~ Ordinary Things

An Artist’s Path

I found myself reminiscing
of ordinary things

Huge puffballs
scattered among  wildflowers
memories of childhood wishes
such an ordinary thing
once upon a time

A thank you note
arrived by post
written  in cursive
such an ordinary thing
once upon a time

An old red farm truck
rumbled up the dirt road
the farmer shifting gears
raised his hand in recognition
such an ordinary thing
once upon a time

Hikes in the Cascade mountains
stunning views of Mt. Rainier
such an ordinary thing
once upon a time

The old haybarn
now in disrepair
echoes of the first harvest
such an ordinary thing,
once upon a time

I find joy
in those ordinary things

Upon reflection,
the most ordinary things
become extraordinary things

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