Sarah Doughty

“You and I. That’s how it was meant to be.”

You and I. That’s how it was meant to be. We were sparks and music, and you brought me to life. Like a jumpstart beneath the stars. And suddenly, my heart beat once more. After so long of feeling like I was a lost cause, something that was broken beyond recognition, someone that could never heal or be the same ever again. You healed me, but you also left me feeling terror. We were in perfect harmony, and I lived in the moment like it could be our last. Because it could be.

You and I. That’s how it was meant to be. We were parts of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. Like the sun finally exploded into life and you became my shadow. Like you were the sun blazing in a cloudless sky. Suddenly, my eyes needed to…

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what has always been ~


when I see you again

when day returns to shadow
and dust –
resigns to dust
when words are sworn to silence
as treasure into rust
when the last goodbye
is spoken
in a language few will know
when vows are broken
as truth unfurling
at this quiet letting go
the soul decides
of stories cleft –
an ache for what has always been
when the name we wore
in living
becomes a whisper
on the wind

. . .

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Give Me

Invincible Verses

Give me your golden heart

Give me your kindred spirit

Give me your bright light

Give me your forgiving soul

Give me your generosity

Give me your glass world

Give me your crying desert

Give me your precious wisdom

Give me your burning essence

Give me your tender heart beat

Give me your gentle words

Give me your beloved patience

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