7 Signs You’re In A Really Strong Relationship


1. You are both able to freely express yourselves in the relationship.

You always give each other the platform that you both need to express yourselves.

You are both always made to feel like you can be completely honest with one another.

You don’t censor each other and you never hold anything back because you always want to promote openness in the relationship.

2. You both give each other space and independence.

You always respect each other’s individuality and you would never want to overstep your boundaries.

You are both a loving couple, but you both still make sure that you have your individual lives going on.

3. You don’t feel the need to make the relationship any different than what it is.

You don’t force yourselves to adhere to whatever standards society may have set for you.

You know your relationship well and you are perfectly comfortable with how…

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🌹A Rose For My Angel🌹A Collaboration


This is another collaboration from myself and the amazing Sona, this is our second, like I said collaborating is new to us both and we’re excited to complete our second poem together so please enjoy. The bold is my verses, the light is the talented Sona.I picked a blushing rose from the Heavens, designated for a beautiful face. Sprinkled it with all my love, wrapped it in shimmering lace.

Prepped the petals just right, and made sure the stem was strong. Because it was meant for that special someone, to whom my heart belonged.

This was a very unique flower, different from any of its counterparts. It had the power to soothe the soul, and entice every single heart.

It had beauty beyond any blossom, and a fragrance you couldn’t believe. Magic visibly tucked in its soft folds, something which every eye could perceive.I took this enchantingly romantic…

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I’m tired of ouija boards telling me what to do

t r e f o l o g y

We use ouija boards

to talk to the dead,

but sometimes I wonder —

what do the dead know really?

Because you may have

once slipped on a

wet tile in the bathroom,

broke your neck & died,

suddenly you have some good advice for me?

Unless it’s to wear bath slippers after showering, of course.

                                                                  Because that’s sensible

trefology spontaneously appears around the globe

Don’t dream it’s over, make that over a reality. Talk to a Trefology registrar to-day!

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Winter Night


The glow cast by the fireplace

Filled the room with warmth

The wood crackled

And the lively flames curled and swayed playfully

Shadows danced on the wall this way and that

In this perfect setting

They were warmly ensconced in blankets

Sipping hot cocoa

When a voice called out to them

Loath to leave the warmth and brave the chill

They looked at each other

And suppressing giggles shouted in unison

“Mom, we are asleep!”

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