By Charles Robert Lindholm

she’s beautiful to look at
her legs are long and sleek
she’s got the kind of body
that any male would seek

the attraction’s swift and sudden
and then begins the dance
with skills from past experience
she’s an expert at romance

the ultimate in fantasy
unspeakable delight
caught up in the moment
the truth hides out of sight

she doesn’t need commitment
and it’s such a change it seems
not worried for the future
just living out the dreams

masterful at pleasure
granting each desire
passion so intense
it’s hotter than a fire

she is the finest lover
she’ll be the ideal mate
drawn by inner yearnings
certain that it’s fate

she takes the love that’s offered
in exchange for time and thrills
the deadliest of ladies
instinctively she kills

black widow

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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