By Charles Robert Lindholm

she wants to keep the key
it seems rather strange
since she’s left
            the city
                        the state
                                    and me

she needed to distance me
            with time
                        with miles
                                    with an affair

her plan has worked quite well

KEY TO MY HEART2 - THUMBNAILshe’s won her freedom
but she still wants to keep the key!
she doesn’t want to lose
her way of getting back to me

she’s gone away
but can’t let go
wanting me to wait, securely in place
‘til she makes up her mind

DOOR WITH LIGHT - THUMBNAIL Bshe wants to know
she can come back home
if things don’t work out
on her own


THE KEYHOLE TO MY HEARTshe wants to keep the key
to a heart that’s always open
I’ll have to change the lock





Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


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