A line !

Please come and enjoy this romantic love poem – A LINE


henry-be-239191-unsplashA line,

vague yet profound

for the eyes to see

between empowered and helpless

both leading to falling in love

holding within it intense depth of passion.

The night plays the tricks,

calling upon me, as the sleep wanders to a land foreign

revealing the darkness it had hidden perfectly

the darkness, that’s shared by these two hearts.

making them meet at the middle of this line

drawn so intricately.

Holding each others hands, 

they find a balance,

on the line so thin, speaking nothing

letting the silence do the talking.

for there is an enormous space,

that no amount of words can fill.

They stay with each other,

for that eternal moment of honesty between them

where no deceit had a place,

for there were no words, just expression

of the emotions kept tight inside for so long.

It was a moment of free fall,

a moment of an…

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Megha is Soaring

Please come and see what our Friend Megha and Fellow Barista has had published in July!! Let her be an inspiration for us all!

Go Dog Go Café

Good Morning all Go Do Go Cafe Readers and Followers-
Once again, Megha is our superstar, and she is soaring! The following periodicals have featured Megha’s writings in the month of July.

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