What Can’t You Do?🤔


We simply hide the facts, right before our eyes. By plainly “sitting” on the truth, because we can’t “stand” the lies.Why do people say “I can’t”, it sounds like the blackest of lies. Is it just a lazy way of saying, I’m not willing to try? They put so much feeling and energy, into dragging those words from the dark hole. Imagine if they put that effort into energy, they might actually accomplish their goal.

What happened to All I do is win, or Reach for the Stars? What about you can achieve anything, or hit the ground running hard. The Little Engine that could, that has a nice little ring. We’re these sayings just for slogans, or did they actually mean something?

I always give A’s for effort, and that my friend is no lie. It’s just up to you to keep it, and it’s very easy if…

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