What Can’t You Do?🤔


We simply hide the facts, right before our eyes. By plainly “sitting” on the truth, because we can’t “stand” the lies.Why do people say “I can’t”, it sounds like the blackest of lies. Is it just a lazy way of saying, I’m not willing to try? They put so much feeling and energy, into dragging those words from the dark hole. Imagine if they put that effort into energy, they might actually accomplish their goal.

What happened to All I do is win, or Reach for the Stars? What about you can achieve anything, or hit the ground running hard. The Little Engine that could, that has a nice little ring. We’re these sayings just for slogans, or did they actually mean something?

I always give A’s for effort, and that my friend is no lie. It’s just up to you to keep it, and it’s very easy if…

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My Only Expectation


Expectation – Word of the Day


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My Only Expectation

We started somewhere,
though we started everywhere.
No point can be pinned,
it was a conversation,
a look,
a smile,
a place.

Seasons were our canvass,
and we painted ourselves slow.
Keeping every detail,
a record of our life
in love,
in trust,
in sickness
and in health.

Eros and Aphrodite sometimes came for tea.
And though we stumbled in their shadows,
our sighs smudged the heavens
with abstract utterance,
of caress,
of lips,
of eyes,
of that fleeting synthesis.

We’ve enjoyed so many, many things,
our needs were very few.
Time has gathered us more closely now,
our youth is more within.
Still we paint our canvass,
as life invites us through,
and my only expectation is
I’ll paint this road with you.

©Paul Cannon



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Blog continuing

GREAT NEWS! Paul Lenzi’s family is going to continue his blog – Posey Plus Polemics! Please go and check Paul’s blog and the wonderful writings he left for us to read!!

Poesy plus Polemics

Thank you for all the condolences and well wishes.  I don’t think my father truly knew the  amount of people he was able to reach out to with his poetry.   My family and I plan on keeping my fathers blog active with his poetry.  Please bare with us as we try to figure it out how this all works.    Thank you again.


Paul Lenzi Jr

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A Creature of Poetry ~ #poetry is #life

Be sure and read Dorinda’s great poem on writing poems – A CREATURE OF POETRY

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

The bewitching hour has finally come

When I am no longer feeling numb

The time I envision, the perfect scene

Not ordinary visions, but words, fill my screen

Imagery exposed, with the lightest touch

These are moments, I treasure so much

A time, when I can fall, into the night

That caresses my soul, and holds me tight

The moonlit skies, the twinkle of stars

This is the time that takes me so far

Gathering thoughts, I feed off the words

A creature of poetry, longing to be heard

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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What Lies Beneath? Christine Ray

Do Not Miss one of Christine’s Best Poems – WHAT LIES BENEATH

Blood Into Ink


what lies beneath
this skin
no longer
supple and new
etched with
time’s fine lines
that radiate
from tired eyes
faintly shimmering scars
that circle my neck
and pelvis like
ironic smiles
black ink
needled carefully
over time
marking territory
finally and
unequivocally mine?

what lies beneath
these ribs
grown of mineral
laced with steel
that allows blood
to pump
strong and steady
even when memory
bites harsh like frost
against tender fingertips
and toes
and loss sweeps wild
and bitter
crimson tides
down my throat
that try
but fail
to drown me?
the heart of the survivor
beats on

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