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By The Shore

Please don’t miss Linda’s warm and wonderful love poem – BY THE SHORE

Charmed Chaos

beach-1302118_1280“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.”-  Edith Wharton
A slender long legged woman with a honeyed tan
buries painted toes into hot grey sand
raises her face to the turquoise sky watching
seagulls as they take bread from her hand.

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The Days of Our Lives

Moonlighting Scrivener

Some days are a whirlwind

Blowing you along in a heady spin

Rolling in and rolling out

At a pace which leaves no room

For a sit down with your thoughts and moods

And then there are those

That crawl in

With a creepy feeling of foreboding

You know deep within

That they’ll take you for quite a different ride

Into your soul, into your mind and even into your heart

Searching for answers

Seeking reasons

And wondering why

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the creative process

the grey room

my imagination doesn’t run rampant.
she walks alongside my muse on thin lines.
threading through colorful descriptions,
the shapes of people, each different place, that random thing
how our lives run parallel or cross, make sharp turns then diverge.
my imagination doesn’t run wild.
she wanders hand-in-hand with my muse.
making sense of the who, what, wheres and hows,
to create the words, that form a story and breathe life into my poems.

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davidbrucehaiku: blind rich people

davidbruceblog #2



Blind people exist

Forty-million-dollar yachts

Also exist — why?


NOTE: A $50 donation to the charity SEVA FOUNDATION will pay for a cataract operation that will allow a blind person in a third-world nation to see. Since this is true, how can anyone own a $40 million yacht as long as even one curable cataract-blinded person in a third-world nation exists?


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My Salvation

Please come and enjoy Megha’s – MY SALVATION

Megha's World

This poem is in continuation of my micro poetry. Read Salvation.


As I dance till my feet bleed
the sweat pour out of my body
as tears of my soul
I dance till I drop dead

As I sing from my heart
till my voice turns coarse and harsh
and every word, every syllable
touches and turn my
wounds to gold
so pure
I sing till I go mute

As I write my poetry
till my emotions bleed on the
turns it into crimson red
cuts the soul of my readers
till they cry from every pore
I write till my fingers bleed no more

As I open my heart
for you
and let you in
and turn in upside down
shred into bits and pieces
to make a comfy pillow to
rest your head on it
and sleep on it
till all your nightmares
leave your soul like…

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Roth Poetry


What happens when things grow foggy and you no longer know who you are? A few years ago we were in Wal-Mart when I noticed a man who seemed lost and confused. Not only that, but he was obviously not in control of himself. He kept wandering back and forth through the lines. It was so very sad to see this man who was so out of touch with reality. This is my account of that incident.

Losing Touch …The Point of No Return

He was wondering across the checkout lanes
At the local Super Walmart
With a look of concern on his face
As he looked across the carts

He was unaware of his condition.
His pants were soaked and soiled
His only concern was to find his wife…
And surely she would come through soon

As I watched him move from lane to lane
My heart went out…

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