Guilty for two


Just so you know, you were the best one. I hope to meet you under another audacious condition, but for now, this heart is gone.

IMG_8828 Geneva

People come and go, this is how life is.
And I felt loved, with you, and everyone else
but you were my favorite temporary feeling.

I liked how your skin melted on my tongue
as we lived under blankets when we were young,
but your emotions transpired, and our adventures were done.
I may have lived in bliss, enchanted by asinine songs
about things, I’m too afraid to grab on my own, but I’ll admit,
for once, I couldn’t face your formidable honesty,
though I hope you can forgive mine.

I know you asked to be around a little longer
but I can’t give you a chance to come closer.
I’m sorry, I don’t want to say this again
but I told you from the start…

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