By Charles Robert Lindholm

He goes to work each morning
He’s up before the sun
Coffee’s in the kitchen
His toast is almost done

He’s not a workaholic
He just likes to work real hard
He thinks his time is better spent
Someplace other than the yard

He does the best he can
And he’s doing rather well
He’s quite a good provider
As his wife is proud to tell

Their life is rather stormy
But she’d never rock the boat
She smiles and gives in gracefully
Then buys a brand new coat

She isn’t really happy
but if you ask she lies
He’s such a good provider
And hides the tears she cries

He goes to work each morning
And she bargains in her head
The provider’s wife for happiness
As she lies alone in bed 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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