davidbrucehaiku: hijab

Come and see a Haiku from David that almost wrote itself!!!

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Purpose of hijab?

To cover up her beauty?

It is not working


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but this ~



might you break
against my willingness
to take of all you need –
while I shudder
beneath your thunder
at my shores

when awakened
by a kiss
shed no tears
for lifetimes missed –
for mornings
just as fair –
moments left behind

while the storm
lays waste
our memories –
of everything
but this

. . .

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Walt's Writings

My mind screams

With a silent thunder

The soundless cries

That have lost their wonder

What do I do now

Without you

The distance grows

In the rear-view mirror

I’ve always heard

That it’s the right thing

When it hurts the most

And this must be so damn right

Because it hurts like hell

The words are gone

Now that I need them

You took the words

Right out of my mouth

I’m glad we met

I’m glad we tried

But the time has come

To let it die

There was no love

There never was

It was only lust

That has turned to dust

And now all I feel

Is an emptiness

Like a grave that’s freshly dug

I am empty

A pure fiction poem

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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