How to Create a Poetry Database

Erica Goss


I’m an inveterate recycler. I have a compost pile and six chickens so I can turn food scraps into soil and eggs. I love repurposed items: quilts sewn from old clothes, wind chimes made of bent spoons, collages of torn magazine pages. Therefore, I was delighted to discover that poet Eileen R. Tabios has created a database made up of 1,167 lines of her own poetry, selected from 27 of her previously published books.

She calls it the “The MDR Poetry Generator” (I referred to this in the July 16, 2018 issue of Sticks & Stones, which includes a review of Tabios’ book Love in a Time of Belligerence). Her new book Murder Death Resurrection (2018 Dos Madres Press) describes the five-year project of creating this database. In the introduction she writes, “The MDR Poetry Generator’s conceit is that any combination of its 1,167 lines succeeds in creating…

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Don’t Miss SirenSong’s sweet and romantic poem – WINDSONG

Siren Whispers

Shy girl meets shy boy.

Red rover red rover

send Christine over.

School uniforms and knee socks

and whispers in the back of class.

Recess where the girls stood on one side of the blacktop

and the boys acted the fool on the other,

one-upmanship turned into an art.

Library dates

and a friend of his singing ‘you’re so beautiful’

while I sank further into my seat

wanting to die of embarrassment

but secretly pleased at the same time,

my face a sunset of reds and pinks.

He came by my house and rang my doorbell,

he had a gift for me he said.

A slender bottle that said what he couldn’t;

I can’t seem to forget you

your Windsong stays on my mind.

My first gift

from a boy

who was my boyfriend,

although not a boyfriend in today’s terms.

A boy

a friend

and someone who wanted to…

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Let Your Journey Begin

Come enjoy another great poem by Walt on life, love, dreams and writing poems – LET YOUR JOURNEY BEGIN

Walt's Writings

There is a power in you
Use it
Do what you must
Do not be denied

There is a storm in you
Waiting to explode
Be the thunder
Strike like lightning
Then bring on the calm
Like a breath of fresh air

There is a musician in you
Share your melody
Sing your songs
Play your heartstrings
Bang your drums

There is a romantic in you
Let your eyes show the love
Share your gift, share your love
Be the lover you were born to be

There is a poet in you
Use your power
Let your words be your thunder
Write your poems with rhythm
As your soul writes about love
Let your mind write the dream within
For you are a poet
Let your journey begin

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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