What My Poetry Is To Me

Don’t Miss Walt’s wonderful poem – WHAT MY POETRY IS TO ME! Come see if you have some of the same feelings about your writings!!

Walt's Writings

Sometimes I sit up all night

Soothing my soul

With words I choose

To create my poetry

I have no deadlines

There is no urgency

No hurry, no rush

Just the sheer joy

Of putting words

Together on paper

To create something

That didn’t exist before

This is what writing my poetry

Is to me

Just me

My notebook

And my pen

Musical favorites on You Tube

The sounds of snoring dogs

Words dancing in my head

And I write

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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One thought on “What My Poetry Is To Me

  1. Thank you, dear Chuck

    Yes, and when writing on an empty white sheet of paper, all words are already there, but not yet seen, invisible to our eyes and understanding, then we dive deep into such an invisible emptiness, like travelling into a universe of unborn words – we touch them with our spirit and slowly slowy they get shapes and forms, borders, become visible on the white sheet of papers, dripping consciousness, words alive.

    All good wishes my friend


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