Pay It Forward Thursday- July 26, 2018


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Pay It Forward 7-4-2018

The baristas at Go Dog Go Cafe are big fans of Pay It Forward Thursdays. We think it is a great opportunity to give a shout-out to another writer who has wowed us or creatively inspired us.  However, Pay It Forward Thursday has not been getting a lot of love lately, which we think is a shame. Dear reader, you are losing out on some great writing! We’ve decided to shake things up a little and the baristas will be reblogging our Pay It Forward picks for the week directly onto GDG Cafe so you don’t miss out on our favorites.

We like this idea so much that we will also reblog the posts you think were the best thing you read this week if you drop a link below. You are invited to post one link to one specific post (600 words or less please!) from someone…

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We are Still Recruiting New Baristas for the Go Dog Go Cafe

Go Dog Go Café


It is the mission of Go Dog Go Café to provide a warm, inviting and inspiring gathering space for building a healthy and supportive writing community.  We are also committed to providing the Go Dog Go Community with a mix of special features that explore the writing life and exciting original writing from a diverse group of talented writers.  To keep things fresh here at the GDG Cafe, we are currently recruiting new Baristas.

Barista Expectations:

  • Submission of two to three pieces (poetry, prose, writing prompt or short fiction) of original writing a month
  • Commitment to actively participate in the Go Dog Go Community by visiting often, reading and commenting on posts and showing support for patrons and Baristas
  • Follow Go Dog Go on other social media platforms that you use (such as Facebook and Twitter) and spread the word about the cool things going on here.

How to Let Us…

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Brave and Reckless is Seeking Guest Submissions for August 2018

Here is a great opportunity for you to submit a guest post for Christine’s wonderful blog – BraveandReckless! Please take advantage of having your work seen by almost 5,000 followers on her blog! Good luck, Dear Follower!!!

Brave & Reckless

Over the last couple of months, I have become much more involved with the publishing side of writing.  A great deal of my time and energy has been going to editing other people’s work for books recently released by Sudden Denouement Publishing, compiling my first two poetry books (Composition of a Woman and Myths of Girlhood), learning how to publish from soup to nuts using CreateSpace and IngramSparks, author and book promotion, and launching my freelance editing business, Her Red Pen WordSmithing.  I have really, really enjoyed what I have been doing and have learned a tremendous amount, but my daily writing and maintenance of Brave and Reckless have not been the priority that I would like them to be.

As my second anniversary of blogging draws near in October, I would like to take the month of August as a reset to decide what’s next for Brave and…

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In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take!

Be sure and keep this quote, and post it where you can see it at least once a day.

Graces Treasure Chest

These words ring so true!

I am glad for all the chances I took to get where I am today.

The road has not been easy, but it has been fulfilling.

The harder you work for your goals the quicker you get there. Sometimes this requires us to take chances that scare us, or involve risk. The sooner you gain the confidence to try the sooner you fly.

You got this!

Believe in yourself and the rest follows!

For anyone who needed this daily reminder, stay beautiful. ❤


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Come celebrate Megha’s publication in Vita Brevis of her – IMPRESSIONS! Congratulations, MEGHA!!!!

Vita Brevis Press.

Submitted by Megha Sood

Your memories leave an impression on my soul
like the careless fingers leave on the warm wax
when held gently
that indelible print
like the scars the alabaster moon has
on a dimly moonlit night
Like the endless trails of a worm wriggling and dancing
leaving trails on the bubbling mud
after the monsoon rains
Getting drenched or
maybe mourning the loss of the house
Offered to the rains
/who could tell/
Time stands still and I can count your freckles in the moonlight
When the moon rest as a shadow in the serrated leaves
and my loves rests on the tip of your mole.
resting on the edge of your fleeting smile.
your memories leave an impression on me
like the outline of the drenched bodies
drying on the bench
two souls as one.

Photo Credit: Casper David Friedrich – Man and Woman Contemplating the…

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What My Poetry Is To Me

Don’t Miss Walt’s wonderful poem – WHAT MY POETRY IS TO ME! Come see if you have some of the same feelings about your writings!!

Walt's Writings

Sometimes I sit up all night

Soothing my soul

With words I choose

To create my poetry

I have no deadlines

There is no urgency

No hurry, no rush

Just the sheer joy

Of putting words

Together on paper

To create something

That didn’t exist before

This is what writing my poetry

Is to me

Just me

My notebook

And my pen

Musical favorites on You Tube

The sounds of snoring dogs

Words dancing in my head

And I write

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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Siren of the Bay

Come and enjoy Paul’s – SIREN OF THE BAY. Take some time and check out Paul’s blog!


Enticing – Word of the Day


‘Woman On The Beach’  found at

Siren Of The Bay

The sun strikes noon
as my feet turn in the warm, gritty sand.
I pick up my towel,
my skin blessed with salt,
and brush it down.

I wander back, retracing the shore,
the boistrous crowds behind.
Gulls screeching, fighting over scraps.
The breeze surrendered,
waves languid.

Such a glorious idyl,
The horizon a shimmering mirage.
Silence, alone, in my head.
Wrestling with demons,
hoping for angels.

I stumble,
looking up to see if anyone saw,
your movement caught my eye.
You smiled, open, enticing, sparkling,
siren of the bay.

In a heart beat I ponder.
Should I say something, respond?
He sits up next to you, wondering,
my ardour vacates and I wander on,
hoping for angels.

©Paul Cannon


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