By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Painting On A Canvass
That’s Wider Than The Sky
With All The Hues And Colors
The Limitless Mind’s Eye 

Racing Past The Speed Of Light
Or Frozen In A Moment
With Landscapes Of The Universe
Or Portraits Of A Soul 

Symbols For Reality
That Also Work For Fantasy
Spaces And Strokes
With Lines And Curves
Feelings And Meanings
And Wonder
Captured Forever
                        In Words 

Copyright (c) 2017 By Chuck Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


    1. I have told you that my words simply Adore You, haven’t I??? I’m so glad this made you happy and touched your heart! I love it when I get a “Bullseye”! LOL!!! Thank you, My Dear for being such a faithful and consistent follower of my blog and for your wonderfully sweet comments!!! I think some of my words may have developed Diabetes! Ha, ha! I feel so sorry for bloggers who don’t have you reading their works and following them!!


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