My Favorite Time of Day


My favorite time of the day when the roosters begin to crow.
Before the first ray of sunlight has even begun to show.

Before the mosquitoes come out for their morning human feast.
Before the heat of the sun turns into the dreaded wicked beast.

Where the grass is damp from the morning dew.
Packing down the dust so it won’t get all over you.

The birds will start their morning wake up melody that’s finely in tune and sweet.

The only other thing missing that I would want would be to find my prince charming in the garden as he swept me off my feet.

My favorite Time of Day Copyright©2018 K.Colquitt
All Rights Reserved

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Do Not Miss these quotes!!!!

Nuggets of Gold

Happy Tuesday! Did you wake up feeling happy this morning?  I have been happy in the knowledge that “The Odessa Chronicles”,  the book that Colin and I have worked on for so long,  is sooo close to being released! Such a wonderful feeling seeing everything come together. Never stop dreaming, you just never know when one of your dreams will come true!  Have an amazing Tuesday.

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  7. 571e27458272a5fcc325b5129fbe9095 Jaxon is a wise Jackalope!
  8. 01e9ab0840b88cfd9d0f512790729b2b Dewey had to get his advice in as well.
  9. e8aeb000c4efdbd62ddd17019ad1bece Wisdom from the man-servant
  10. 91c737bf7b2ae4a9035e66ac51bc2ab9 Wisdom from the whole gang at Moonbeam Farm! 🙂

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Hands Are All Empty

Frank Solanki

Hands are all empty
Eyes are all blind
Stomachs are all empty
But it’s alright
Lands are all barren
Seas are all dry
Nights are all longer
But it’s alright
Rich are all richer
Poor are all dead
Men are all wicked
But it’s alright
Angels are all lost
Heavens are all shut
Gods are all hiding
But it’s alright
Tongues are all broken
Hands are all blazin’
Hands are all empty
But it’s alright

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The Bonding

Confab With Me

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Play me



I lived and died in your love.
You were my sweetest nights and loneliness days.
I would do it again, even knowing the ending.

Play me

Your hands upon my wanting skin,
gentle and soft,
your touch make me come alive.
You make me want to live and die in your arms.
You are my salvation and you are my greatest sin.
Please play me my dear love.
I will sing a song of your beauty till my last breathe.
John Castellenas/Coyote

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