Into the Fire

Poet Rummager

into-the-fireIllustration by Ted Giffin

I’m seeing you tonight.

It isn’t my heart I worry about

or its thump, thump, thump

and its skips.

Nor is it my mouth

which talks far too much

and longs to whisper things

you shouldn’t hear.

I’m worried about my horns.

Have I polished them enough?

Can they be seen through my hair?

Are they sharp and tough

to pierce through your armor?

I’ll invade your guarded soul

and revel in its capture.

In my bed,

I’ll keep you satiated

in your defeat,

my most prized prisoner,

eternally chained to me.

 ***My poem was inspired by a fun conversation I had with Seeing the Whisper.***

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Always Been You

Please come and enjoy Sarah’s heartfelt and emotionally honest words in – ALWAYS BEEN YOU

Sarah Doughty

“I know what I want.
It’s always been you.”

You asked me what happened to make me so broken. You asked why I pulled away. Why I pushed you away — or tried, anyway. You asked if I wanted you to leave. You asked me if I loved you. If I wanted to be with you.

I knew what I wanted. You. I just wasn’t sure I deserved you.

So I was honest. I told you everything I felt. Everything I knew. And hoped against hope that you would stay. Because I needed you. You have no idea how hard it was for me to do it. But it was true. And no matter how many doubts I have floating around in my head, or whispering from the shadows in my mind, I know what I want. It’s always been you.

© Sarah Doughty

So please stay with me.

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Midwest Fantasy Writes

Surrender to me

forget the risk

forget the rules

let time stop

get lost in me

let my mysterious ways

seduce you soul

as they ravage your body

with feminine prowess

see my hands

as magic ribbons

tying every fantasy together

as I unravel you

feel my lips

tell stories

across your undiscovered lands

then ask me

to tell them again

hear my breathing

sing sensual pleasure

reaching octaves unparalleled

notes only bodies understand

taste my flavors

knowing they are mine alone

intensifying with every movement

to be savored by only one

smell our desire

in the steamy tangled mess

lust’s evening perfume

wrapping around nude skin

surrender to me

let me unleash the wild

you’ve caged for so long




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Until I’m Gone

Walt's Writings

Until I’m gone I’ll continue to write
The poems that come so late at night
Ideas may come and some will go
When they are right my heart will know

My life has always been good to me
But now the years take a toll on me
But the words still come and my pen has ink
My brain is strong and I can still think

When my time comes
I’ll go silently
But until I’m gone
I’ll write my poetry

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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