Our Anniversary July 2018

Come and enjoy Dorinda’s romantic poem – OUR ANNIVERSARY – JULY 2018. See if you love what her husband had inscribed on the inside of her ring as I did????

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

I wrote this poem last year, and decided to share it again.  I’ve updated it, as today, we celebrate 33 years of marriage.  Our friends said we wouldn’t last.

We sure showed them  ❤

I can write a million poems
About true love, at its finest
But if I do, you certainly
Will find me a bit too biased

Thirty three years ago, this day
I married my very best friend
A man who stands beside me
On that, I can surely depend

“Dorinda, my lifetime partner”
Etched inside my wedding band
His promise, in a symbol, placed
On the ring finger of my left hand

We celebrate each other
No matter what it is we do
Adding to those every days
By saying, “I love you”

To those who have yet to find
The perfect one for you
Never give up hope, you see
Your soulmate’s waiting, too!


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