You Are My Destiny🌹🌹

Don’t miss this romantic and moving love poem – YOU ARE MY DESTINY


“You are the only one I crave, in the middle of the night. The one I want most” ~S.S~I may not play the piano or the guitar, but I’m romantic enough to share the same cup. And afterwards I can whisper sweetly in your ear, and serenade you with a song I made up. I want to be your dance partner, and dance to every single solitary love song. Ignore your conscious and don’t look at the clock, just tango with me all night long.You see the moon and I see the sun, yes it sounds like a riddle. But close your eyes and think with your heart, and I promise we’ll meet each other in the middle.

I’ll hold your hand every step of the way, as your beautiful eyes catch my sight. I’ll spin you around and communicate with a smile, and you’ll know it’s you…

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Please Do NOT Miss – Paul Lenzi’s beautifully penned – COPD as posted on poesypluspolemics on July 1, 2018 Be sure and visit his blog and his archives while you still can!! R.I.P. Dear Paul!!

Poesy plus Polemics



dead lungs

black bladders

hang stiffly

from sins in a

crumbling cage

every breath

drawn at rest


a pained labor

for tissues

time turned

into lifeless

sere parchment

the least-made


trip desperate

cascades of

deep gasping

a breathlessness

drowning in

indifferent air


penance for

nonchalant folly

offending the

most precious

gift of a life

penance now

come to due

during this

the last phase

of my moon

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A Lost Prayer

Come read Walt’s – LOST PRAYER and you will know why Vitabrevis published it!!

Vita Brevis Press.

Submitted by Walt Page: The Tennessee Poet.

I’m like a lost prayer
That’s carried away
By the cares of the day
But I will not welcome the end
I won’t walk through that door
I may be in denial
But I still can see
What’s been happening to me
I will find my own way
Like a lost prayer
That’s been carried away
On a butterscotch breeze
Along the lost prayer highway
I’m like a lost soul
Following a lost prayer
Knowing I’ll never find it
But not caring anymore
Because I have found myself

Photo credit: Leonardo da Vinci – Portrait of a Bearded Man

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EDITOR’S CHOICE: Jawbone: Homo sapiens

Come take a journey through time, life and the Universe with this poem!!

Vita Brevis Press.

EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD: bringing our favorite previously-published poems back to the front page.

Submitted by Merril D. Smith

Almost 200,000 years ago
he hunted across the miles,
journeyed farther than his brothers–
an explorer,
a dreamer–
a man following fate
who lived
till he lived no more,
joining the dust of space
cycled through time–
lush green land
gradually turning desert brown–
and there,
his jawbone, open to the stars,
a monument.
His epitaph,
“eight teeth, one broken.”
Not living,
no longer here,
yet not completely gone.

Photo credit: Thomas Balfour (Tom) Garrett – Excavation

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Our Anniversary July 2018

Come and enjoy Dorinda’s romantic poem – OUR ANNIVERSARY – JULY 2018. See if you love what her husband had inscribed on the inside of her ring as I did????

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

I wrote this poem last year, and decided to share it again.  I’ve updated it, as today, we celebrate 33 years of marriage.  Our friends said we wouldn’t last.

We sure showed them  ❤

I can write a million poems
About true love, at its finest
But if I do, you certainly
Will find me a bit too biased

Thirty three years ago, this day
I married my very best friend
A man who stands beside me
On that, I can surely depend

“Dorinda, my lifetime partner”
Etched inside my wedding band
His promise, in a symbol, placed
On the ring finger of my left hand

We celebrate each other
No matter what it is we do
Adding to those every days
By saying, “I love you”

To those who have yet to find
The perfect one for you
Never give up hope, you see
Your soulmate’s waiting, too!


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Don’t Miss This amazing poem by Christine on what all writers face – BLOCKED

Brave & Reckless

Blank screen
looks reproachfully at me
You are a writer it says
So write
I rub stiff hands
Tender wrists
Sore knees
Knead knots in my back
Feel weight of mental fog
pushing down
suspending my thoughts
like bees in liquid amber
I’m blocked I retort
Too tired
Too much pain
Too fuzzy
Blank screen raises eyebrow
That never stopped you before
Are you having a pity party this morning? it asks
Or are you just avoiding something?
Damn screen
Who asked you anyway?

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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