‘The night is young’

Come and savor this warm and romantic poem – THE NIGHT IS YOUNG


The night is young and the night is long, my love

I saw you perfect in the day and I saw you wild and sweet in the early morning.
You are my fire in my heart and the storm arising in my mind.
Your face, your eyes and your hair.
You make me know madness and great need my love.

Let’s us dance tonight. Let’s us dance till we cannot no-more.
You are my sweet elixir and sweet red wine I need to taste deep into the midnight hours.
I want to know the fragrant of your gentle perfume on your tender skin.
I want to have your red hair surrounding my face and shoulders.
I want to fall in love with you, again and again.

The night is young and the night is long, my love.
You and I must find mistress love and embrace her for the moon…

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Please Do Not Miss Keith’s amazingly powerful and moving piece of love, yearning and steadfastness through a lifetime in – I’LL LEAVE THE LIGHT ON



I remember the day when you went away,

Your bags packed, you’ve grown so fast, on your way.

A choice has been made, I’ll stand by your side,

What you believe in your heart is the way you must fight.

Far away the war has not stopped,

I’ll leave the light on until you come home.

I’ve written these letters for fifty years now,

Missing in action is what was said to me about you.

You’re still my love, what has become of you,?

My life is less as you have not come back.

I’ve held on to hope, a prayer every night,

After fifty years the reality of not seeing you hides from my mind.

I’ll leave the light on as I have since the day you drove away,

I’ll leave the light on until my last day.

Keith Garrett

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Listen closely

Come and enjoy Megha’s awesome and powerful – LISTEN CLOSELY

Megha's World

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” 

As I grow old or rather mature with each passing year I strongly feel that all the incidents, big or small, happening in the world around us changes us a little bit.

We keep changing from the person we were born as.
Every little joy, happiness, anger, frustration, failure, success, achievements mold us in good or a bad way.

They say you don’t know what you have become but I say deep inside every one of us know what are we transforming into slowly by every passing day.

We have this profound understanding of the fact that if we are becoming kinder or more selfish by every passing day of the year.

The memories that we collect in form of pictures, videos, scrapbooks, all forms of social media etc are a constant reminder of the person we used to be. We all have a timeline deeply etched…

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Tangled Up In You

Come and enjoy a truly wonderful poem of true love for a beloved soulmate – TANGLED UP IN YOU

Walt's Writings

All these years

All we’ve been through

All we’ve shared

All that we have lost

Here I am

Still tangled up in you

You’re my warmth

On a Tennessee winter night

You’re my truth

When everything else is a lie

You’re my world

And here I am

Still tangled up in you

You’re my beacon of hope

In a world filled with hate

You’re the inspiration

For poems I create

You’re my angel with pills

That take away my pain

I can’t help it

I’m still tangled up in you

Without your precious love

I’d be alone again

So after all our years together

It’s pretty plain to see

That here I am today

Still tangled up in you

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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