A Smile with Memory

Please come and enjoy this wistful, wonderful and romantic poem – A SMILE WITH MEMORY

Pink Peeli

close up of wheat plant during sunset

I smile…And smile

When the smell of memories

left behind the lane

Cuddles me often

With a breeze🍁

The pinch of mist

In them makes me

To listen to my inner self

And to enjoy it..🌸

There lies a magic in them;

In the happiness

Of those deep memories💫

And the love and light

In them,

Shines each day

Within the soul.❣

And I live in them

When am not living

The moment..❤

Like a walk with wind

Or a dance in rain..

I recide with them..

In the melting memories

Within me..😇

And then the smile

Stays within me..

Making me to

Love them more..💖

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