Closed Doors

Rambles of a Poethead

Here I sit, behind closed doors; waiting for a change.

Waiting for motivation, embrace the inspiration

Let him know he is no longer in control of your domain.

Behind closed doors are meticulous plans.

Stir the pot but don’t watch it boil,

A recipe made for hungry hearts, and tired hands.

Restless are the hands that bare heavy burden,

Relentless with hope of a brighter future,

This is the beginning of a better life, a stable state of mind with confidant assertion.

The door used to be open,

The door stood for love,

The door blocked hate; but left words unspoken.

Patience is waiting behind closed doors,

Patience is a virtue most do not acquire,

Patience is what will win the wars.

© ~E.W~ All Rights Reserved 2018

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