Speaks to us- By Megha Sood and Shantanu Baruah – A Collaboration

Do come and read this super collaboration by two talented writers – Megha and Shantanu – SPEAKS TO US

Megha's World

Here comes my second collaboration with one of my favorite poets in the WordPress community. I have really been amazed and equally inspired by Shantanu’s magical art of weaving beautiful verses through his magical quill. He blogs at Ckonfab. Do visit his blog if you haven’t yet.

Do leave your precious thoughts about this collaboration for us.

william-recinos-460798-unsplash (1)Megha

The faint whispers
of the tantalizing breeze
leaves those fleeing touches
on my skin
leaving those love notes
here and there
those love syllables
quietly sinking in,
as if he speaks to me


And when I look at her
her eyes bellowing storm
like a rage with a purpose
like a gale with a desire
surging ahead
screaming in silence
as if she speaks to me


The fleeting touch of those
those waves crashing on the
shore and those
quaint nibbling of my puny toes
when the sun dips

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R.I.P. Poet Paul Lenzi

Come and read this tribute to Paul Lenzi by ilovecloudstoo – RIP POET PAUL LENZI

Widowed Without A Manual

IMG_8887 (1).jpgproudly and effortlessly 

he walks to the heavens

on a golden staircase 

created of his words

to walk and feel as light as a feather

for every step is of his making

he leaves behind not a black hole of worthlessness

he leaves behind  the greatest of gifts

his heart, his thoughts, his wonder

never will he leave completely 

for he has built a staircase 

of himself, of his inner soul, of his aspirations

he has gifted all of us that did not know him

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Lies Like Rainbows

Come and read Sarah’s powerful and insightful piece – LIES LIKE RAINBOWS

Sarah Doughty

“You had everyone fooled.
And you may not have realized it,
but I saw you for what you were.”

You never accepted the faults you made. And apologies were only for empathy’s sake. Then swept all your wrongdoings under the rug as if they didn’t exist.

Because how could you ever be considered such a hurtful person if your façade was unblemished?

But what I don’t understand is how you did those things and pretended nothing happened. That all was well. How could you lie so smoothly, like rainbows were flying out of your mouth? You had everyone fooled. And you may not have realized it, but I saw you for what you were.

© Sarah Doughty

I still see you.

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

How long will you let me – Burn?
in the fire you started
with your look
with your kiss
with your touch

When will you come
and Quench
the fire in my temple?

When will you let your
love flow all over me
and give me the relief
and the release from
the aching and pain
of the fire in my heart
and the fire in my soul
that you let – burn?

When will you quench
the fire you set in me? 

When will you be
will you ever be


Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm