Thank you, Paul Lenzi… RIP dear friend

Our Dear Friend Paul Lenzi has passed on! He shall be missed and we will treasure his words! Please read this reblog for more details and to contact his family if you so desire! We Loved You Paul!!!

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

For all who have not heard, the poetry community lost an incredible man yesterday.

His son writes, “It is with deep regret that I have to announce the sudden passing of my father Paul Lenzi. He was the cornerstone of our family and will be missed dearly. He began this blog as an a creative outlet and as a way of sharing his poetry. He never imagined it would develop such a large following, and the overwhelming support he received from this community touched him deeply. On behalf of our entire family, thank you. We are proud of the legacy of words he left behind.”

Paul was a very dear friend, and an incredible human being.  He helped me when I first started sharing my poetry, always having kind words to encourage.  I am deeply saddened that I will not see his name in my inbox any longer, but…

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15 thoughts on “Thank you, Paul Lenzi… RIP dear friend

  1. It feels so strange to have just discovered a great poet by the many posts from family poets. I have been reading his poems most of the day and have ordered two books from amazon. I do hope his family keep his blog open so we can read it in its entirety.

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    1. Yes, I am in total agreement with you! I want to be able to read through his archives. I’m going to try and contact them and talk about it.
      Thanks so much for your sweet comments!


    1. Amen, to that, Dear Dorinda! I cannot tell you how happy I was to read your reblog of the notice from his site! Paul was a Friend, I shall deeply miss! I am so indebted to him for the seed of inspiration from his “NO ONE ELSE” for my “I ONLY HAVE MY WORDS”! What a great gift that was to me!

      Do you know if the family is going to keep his blog up on WP? I would love to talk to them about it? Do you know how to contact them? On Paul’s blog? Let me know if you can?


    1. I was the same way until I read Dorinda’s reblog of it! So very sad! His poem “NO ONE ELSE” provided the seed of inspiration for my “I ONLY HAVE ME WORDS”. I shall always be so indebted to him for that. He will be sorely missed!! I’m hoping his family will continue to keep his blog up on WP.


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