By Charles Robert Lindholm 

The cruelest fate
I can think of
is to live a life
without you 

To face each
day alone
your journey
is through 

The cruelest fate
may befall me
for life is like that it seems
but I’ll try to hold onto our memories
and dance with you in my dreams 

So, wait for me, My Darling
like you know I’d wait for you
until my journey is over
so I can spend forever with you 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


        1. Yes, you know too much! LOL! Hadn’t heard that before but like it!! You imagine too well! These aren’t really something the Mrs. likes me to read to her because they make her cry!! See, I’m very lucky to have such a tender hearted soulmate – Lucky Chuckie! Ha!

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