Finding My Way

Please Come and enjoy the heartfelt piece – FINDING MY WAY

Sarah Doughty

“We were perfect.
Because we were together.”

I think I’m lost without you. The way you used to guide us, like you knew exactly where we needed to be and where we were going. It was perfect. We were perfect. Never a wrong turn, never a place I didn’t want to be. Because we were together. And without you, everything is dark, the roads are twisting and turning, and hope is running out the more life knocks me down.

Yes, I miss you. But I can find my way on my own.

We all experience pain. Heartbreak. Loss. It hurts. And sometimes that pain is unbearable. Just because you can handle your pain better than someone else, it doesn’t mean that person is weak or less of a person. It doesn’t mean the way they feel their pain is any less valid. Accept that people feel and sometimes they can…

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Author Tip 101: Never Stop


So, they tell me you want to be an author . . .

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That means you should be doing 1 of 5 things: brainstorming a new story, writing/drafting, editing, researching publishing houses (or self-publishing methods), sending our query letters or submissions.

One of my favorite creative writers, Derek Updegraff once said:

Keep writing. You are a writer, not a submitter. Once you’ve written pieces and submitted them for publication, forget about them and start writing something new. You haven’t produced your best work yet. When you finish a new piece of writing, admire it, take joy in it, and then submit it and move on and write something better.

Being an author does not mean being famous or going to book signings every other week (although that could be super fun). Being an author means never giving up and never stopping.

In my own experience…

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Megha's World

I fail miserably to guard my self
my heart
my emotions
my eyes
which gives away
every single feeling
every moment
I spent;
I try so hard to disguise
I try to stop
those fleeting memories
of the time spent
near the corners of my smile
near those dimpled bends;
Nobody blames you
for turning my world
upside down
drowning me with your love
and painting my heart
in the darkest shade of crimson
you can possibly found;
All I hear is the word of advice
a hush
a whisper
to safeguard my precious heart
they say
they all talk in unison
and declare me
 This post is in response to the daily prompt  Inefficient
Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

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