Come enjoy Sarah’s romantic post – CRACKS and then turn on some SAD SONGS, by Elton John –

Sarah Doughty

“Sometimes, I find myself
listening to sad songs because
all I really want to do is cry.”

Sometimes, I find myself listening to sad songs because all I really want to do is cry. Not just let some tears slip from my eyes. But sob. Let it all out like the world is coming to an end. And sometimes I do. I just can’t hold back any longer, even though I try to resist it.

But when I’m left needing more than a few songs and a few tears, that’s when I know I’m in a dark place. Over time, though, I’ve learned that taking off the mask and letting the sobs wrack through my body is what causes the cracks in my skin to show. Through those cracks, there’s light. So maybe, after all, it’s not so bad to let myself feel what I need to feel. Because then…

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last in line ~

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When I was a kid, I did not (ever) walk five miles in the snow to get to school. I didn’t have to get up at three to milk the cows or muck the stalls. The things I did as a child weren’t seen as ever a hardship, but simply what I did. I neither saw it as hard or easy, but simply a part of my living.

Until I was a teenager, I shared an tiny room with a sister and a brother. Later, I shared a slightly larger room with two sisters. I shared a bathroom with all of them. I shared shampoo, towels and toothpaste. When times were really tight, as the oldest, I was last in line to use the bathwater.

Was it disgusting? I don’t recall ever thinking that. And, up to this point, I’ve suffered no long term trauma as a result.

Maybe I already knew it…

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Fever Pitch

Roland's Ragbag

summerPhoto provided by Pexels


I was at fever pitch with fervour
Full of fire, desire and lust,
Expectant, hopeful and excited,
Self-contained, but only just.

Summer came, I was excited,
An end to rain and wind and snow;
Warmer weather does delight me,
I’m a sun-child, that I know.

But now the summer has arrived
I’m pleading that it will not last.
I’ve had enough of sweaty T-shirts,
Hoping it will soon have passed.

Hot and bothered by the weather,
Aching for a cooling breeze.
Can’t bear this heatwave any longer,
Send me wind and rain now please.


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