The Hospitable Cabin

Come take a walk down memory lane to – THE HOSPITABLE CABIN

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Tres Pinos.

The cabin was built in 1923 by my great-grandparents. It is where they went every summer to escape the heat of the Central Valley.

It was a Cabin. With a capital “C”. One room, a wood stove for cooking and heating, a kitchen sink and cupboards with curtains (no doors). There was running water from a spring. My mother spent summers at the cabin with her grandmother when she was a child.

There have been a few upgrades. It has electricity. It has indoor plumbing. It now has a bedroom and a separate kitchen.  All the comforts of home. Except there is no television, no radio, and, until recently, no phone. There is no such thing as cell service.

IMG_4958 New front wall and porch. 2017

The place is stocked with very old books, picture albums of the family, fishing poles, flashlights and mouse traps. There is a granite…

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