On Paper…

Come and enjoy ON PAPER by The Secret Poetress

© The Secret Poetess

On paper, just like Merlin – there are wizards of the word.

All their plans are brilliant – and it’s a perfect world.

All power to their hands, to say it how it is.

Magic in the ink – mixed with metaphor, that quiz.

On paper, he was perfect – a saint when said and done.

Who knew he was Svengali – or maybe just his son.

Power in his hands, to carve his mannequin.

Forgetting her humanity, the soul within.

On paper, she was perfect – so pretty, oh so bright.

Who knew that she had darkness beneath that fading light.

Power in her hands, to hurt all in her domain.

Misery, sweet sadness – just her blue refrain.

On paper, worlds are made – old passing dreams.

Nothing that we think – is as it really seems.

Certainty a thing – known only in our mind.

On paper…

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