By Charles Robert Lindholm

She slowly walked by
and made a racy comment,
while I thought
of some replies,
and then there was magic
that passed between our eyes,

she asked me for a dance,
a quick, quick step to the left,
a dip and then a twirl,
this woman was a Lady
and not a “sometime girl.”

Dancing across a checkered floor
with tiles of black and white.
I felt the wheels a turnin’,
wonderin’ about tonight
how it would be ending
and if we’d be spending
it together,
in the summer’s moonlight

She asked if I wanted
to go somewhere,
and I quickly responded “I do,
as long as I’m going with You!”

I said I’d get my car,
then she stopped me
and just said, “No!,
I think we’ll be going in my car
and I’ll let you see My Place!”
I nodded my head
and just said, “Sure”
and felt a blush upon my face.

She unlocked her front door
and opened it a crack
then she turned
and looked back
as she stared, deep into my eyes
and asked, if I would be staying?

I said that I would
and that My word was good,
and she could
check at any store.
and with a blindside kiss
and her hands upon my face
I knew I was fallin’ fast!

Faster and harder
than I’d ever done
with thoughts of a future
and her as The One!

And like a game of chess
She made the first move,
The Lady played White that night!

THUMB NAIL CHESS BOARD KISSAnd I’m glad that I stayed
and glad that we played
all through that moonlit night.

And, 30 years after
that very first night
I remember my words “I do”.
And still to this day
whenever we play,

The Lady, still Loves to Play White!THE LADY PLAYED WHITE

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspired by the rules of chess where the person who plays white always makes the first move to start the game and applying it to a fantasy story about a guy and a Lady meeting in a bar and starting to play a little flirtatious game with each other where she wasn’t shy about making the first move!

the song “Modern Day Romance” by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – but with a better ending!




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