By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Sitting on a stage
in a solitary pose
like a model
with no clothes

No clothes
to hide the beauty
that we see
and the magic
that we hear

we cannot
look away
as we listen
to her play

The Naked Piano
stands alone
wanting You
to hear
her song
to stare
at her beauty

to let you see 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “THE NAKED PIANO – REPRISE

    1. What an interesting question??? Hadn’t really given that one a thought. Most likely a single 9 foot grand on stage awaiting a concert pianist to bring her to life and ecstasy! But an upright is an interesting thought too? Maybe in an old time saloon? Ha! Love the way you think, My Friend! LOL!

      If you hear a melody, then by all means write it down or record it. I have found melodies have the power to dictate words for lyrics???

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