Tell Me You’ll Stay

Don’t Miss Sarah’s beautiful – TELL ME YOU’LL STAY

Sarah Doughty

“Please tell me you’ll stay.
Because those whispers in my head
tell me you won’t.”

And I hear it. The explosions in the sky when the sun falls under the horizon. It reminds of a time that wasn’t so fun. But I try to ignore those encroaching thoughts and try to be here and now with the ones I love. Yet they linger there, just under the surface — just like the sun as the light grows darker and darker. You know it’s there, but you just can’t see it any longer. And they won’t stop coming.

But that’s when those whispers grow quiet — because your arms wrapped around me and held me together. Keeping me here, instead of losing myself to the past. This is just one of the thousands of things you’ve done for me. No matter how small and insignificant, I remember all of them. They…

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Among the Stars and Moon

Jerry Brotherton

Among the Stars and Moon

You told me so many stories

Tales of someday very soon

Your God would lift our mortal veil

And we would join the stars and moon

I paid no heed to your warnings

For I was innocent and young

I had so many dreams to live

Too many songs left yet unsung

Tonight the ring broke the silence

Told me your words had come to pass

That your God sent down his Angels

And they welcomed you home at last

Now, that age has crept upon me

Can’t help but think about it all

How, in my life, I seldom prayed

That’s if I ever prayed at all

If it’s not too late my brother

I’ll learn that celestial tune

So that we might dance together

Out there, among the stars and moon

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‘Fallen angels’


Fallen angels
A Poem by Coyote Poetry
A new poem. I hope you like.

Fallen Angels

In the lair of the fallen angels. Old men talk of fleeing love, old war and missed faces.

I joined the club at a young age. Bad decisions, dead brothers and greed in love made me turn old and cold. I was used-up and knew old man wisdom too soon.

We had the women with us too. Women can get dirty and wasteful too. The entrance of the Purgatory is wide open and anyone is free to enter.

The music of Elvis, Johnnie Cash, Willie and Hank is being sang for us. Here in Austin, Texas. A lot of fallen angel are waiting for nothing.

Jenny from Belton, Texas. She told me. “Cold hearten are we. Once you told me I was pretty and sweet but you won’t go home with me.” I looked…

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By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Sitting on a stage
in a solitary pose
like a model
with no clothes

No clothes
to hide the beauty
that we see
and the magic
that we hear

we cannot
look away
as we listen
to her play

The Naked Piano
stands alone
wanting You
to hear
her song
to stare
at her beauty

to let you see 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved