7 Habits That Can Destroy a Loving Relationship


There are many habits that can ruin a couple’s loving relationship, doesn’t matter if you are single or married.

7 habits that can destroy a loving relationship

These bad habits include physical and emotional cheating, poor communication, addictions and many others. Oftentimes, these destructive things don’t look like bad habits at first but if they aren’t handled carefully, it could result into bigger problems that would eventually breakup a relationship.

Inspired by Huffington Post, here are 7 habits that can destroy a loving relationship:

1. Having no common courtesy: You aren’t single any longer, learning to include your partner in your plans is simple courtesy. It shows that you have a lot of respect for them, if the plans do not go as expected, communicate to your partner why such a thing happened rather than having a fight about it. You become more trustworthy to your partner and create a stronger bond when you have common courtesy.

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