7 Habits That Can Destroy a Loving Relationship


There are many habits that can ruin a couple’s loving relationship, doesn’t matter if you are single or married.

7 habits that can destroy a loving relationship

These bad habits include physical and emotional cheating, poor communication, addictions and many others. Oftentimes, these destructive things don’t look like bad habits at first but if they aren’t handled carefully, it could result into bigger problems that would eventually breakup a relationship.

Inspired by Huffington Post, here are 7 habits that can destroy a loving relationship:

1. Having no common courtesy: You aren’t single any longer, learning to include your partner in your plans is simple courtesy. It shows that you have a lot of respect for them, if the plans do not go as expected, communicate to your partner why such a thing happened rather than having a fight about it. You become more trustworthy to your partner and create a stronger bond when you have common courtesy.

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Longing !


goran-ivos-178695-unsplash.jpgThe sky blanketed with clouds silver,

wild-flowers sprouting in the crevices

the rain drops, falling on the ground

the fragrance of wet mud

making every inch of my being nostalgic

with memories of you

wearing that red plaid shirt,

rushing back to me,

when you walked towards me,

carrying that rose,

while I watched you from across the street

with that thrilling expression in my eyes,

and as you approached nearer, 

my heart-beat kept rising 

and the blood kept flushing my cheeks,

and in that moment I knew,

you will be the one, I’d never let go,

this will be the moment, I’d never let go.


Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash

I’d take this moment to thank syncwithdeep for thinking about me, for this challenge, I really had an amazing time writing this one, this being my first attempt at any prompt. Thank you so much once again…

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A Tangle of Weeds

I stood staring
(for what seemed like two moons and a half of my life with you)
at my colourless hands
after I had murdered the moon
in stoic silence
on one fated full moon night.
Then, I exited the scene
rubbing my pellucid palms
over my sangria eyes
as if doing so would
make them catch on
each other’s pathetic colours.
Oh, the naivety of a fugitive heart
on a forsaken criminal night!

Do you see my bloodshot eyes?
I think not!
Because I have learnt to
camouflage the pain in my heart
and the rage in my head
(which are essentially the same colour as that of my blood, only the hues subtly differ)
with the calm in my voice
that shares its colour
with that of the nascent moon
now flowing freely
in my maverick veins

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Image Credit: Google Images

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Sea Shores


Pic : Self

they walk happily
on the shore,

hands held
to a light swing,

content smiles
speaking in silence,

the sound of waves
the background score,

the distance done
they both turn around,

start to walk
back to the start,

the realisation hits
their observant eyes,

the past footprints
visible no more,

the grip tightens
on each others hands,

its the present that exists
and only that is sure,

the smiles return
with a renewed glow,

the stride returns
with surer steps,

the locked hands
now devoid of gaps.

© vidursahdev 2018

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Forever Dear ~ #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

She lets me know when she is near

Her footsteps in the hallway, clear

Doors that open when no one’s home

She always knows when I’m alone

And yes, at times, she’ll find a tree

As a cardinal, there to comfort me

Her song so sweet, to my own ear

My guardian angel, forever dear

Poem & photo ©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved

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