We are Recruiting New Baristas for the Go Dog Go Cafe

Come and Learn how you can join The Go Dog Go Cafe as a Barista! Come and take a peek! The Cafe is a really great place to mingle and get additional exposure for your work!!!

Go Dog Go Café


It is the mission of Go Dog Go Café’s Mission to provide a warm, inviting and inspiring gathering space for building a healthy and supportive writing community.  We are also committed to providing the Go Dog Go Community with a mix of special features that explore the writing life and exciting original writing from a diverse group of talented writers.  To keep things fresh here at the GDG Cafe, we are currently recruiting new Baristas.

Barista Expectations:

  • Submission of two to three pieces (poetry, prose, writing prompt or short fiction) of original writing a month
  • Commitment to actively participate in the Go Dog Go Community by visiting often, reading and commenting on posts and showing support for patrons and Baristas
  • Follow Go Dog Go on other social media platforms that you use (such as Facebook and Twitter) and spread the word about the cool things going on here.

How to Let…

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Abused Cell Phone

Please take the message in – ABUSED CELL PHONE to heart!!!

Invincible Verses

Never do I rest

Some are addicted

Always being used

Some abuse me

Rarely I am shut off

Some break me

I am full of so much

Some ruin lives

I can be a problem

Some people die

My purpose grew

I’m often used

at the worst times

I have a price tag

Unlike a human

Please use me


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PAINTED LOVE LETTERS By Megha Sood And Charles Robert Lindholm -A colloboration

Megha's World

So happy and excited to share my first ever collaboration with one of my favorite poets Chuck from The Reluctant poet. It stemmed from the micro poetry Regret and lead to the beautiful extension by Chuck. Please read and leave your precious feedback in the comments section.


Those Unsent Love Letters
Would Have Made You Fall
Helplessly In Love With Me


Well, Not Really
They Would Have Made You
Fall In Love With The
Portrait Of Me
My Words Painted
In Love Letters

And I Only Regret
The Comet
That Was You
Flew Out Of My
Before We Could
Longingly Gaze
Into Each Other
For A Thousand Years!

Copyright © 2018 Megha Sood And Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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Her neck

If you love to give or receive neck kisses come and enjoy

Siren Whispers


He adored her neck.

Her skin,

pale and perfect,

had the bloom of a rose

in winter.

Her neck,

with its pale elegance,

he knew,

if it were possible,

would be a place of pilgrimage,

a holy site;

one that he would readily worship at

using all of his senses.

Running his nose along to catch her scent,

it’s heady fragrance making him dizzy

with desire,

lifting her hair and using his mouth

to leave kisses along its length,

feeling her wildly beating pulse

beneath his lips.

His teeth would graze her skin,

igniting nerve endings,

causing a bolt of desire to shoot through her,

and finally, his tongue would taste her,

her unique flavor greeting his mouth

in celebration.


Copyright © SirenSong1208

All rights reserved

Photo taken by SirenSong1208

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