By Charles Robert Lindholm 

He’s not really
a Pied Piper
but on the other hand
his words do lure you
into a very special place
where you feel inspired
by his powerful and insightful
three lines of magic and wisdom 

Somehow those three lines
touch your heart and soul
and open up your own
inner insights and inspiration 

Sounds strange and “hokey”
but it is true
it’s happened to me
more than a few times
and I hope it will
happen to you 

I have been happy to find
seeds of inspiration
left behind in three lines
that I have gleaned from
Davy and his words and thoughts 

And the beauty
of what Davy has done
for me
in three lines
might happen to you too

You just have to be looking
for little seeds of inspiration
little magical and wonderful
thoughts that Davy
has cast about
in tiny seeds
for you and me
to find 

And then you too
will learn how
three lines
spark inspiration 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational credit and response poem to DavyD’s “Unfinished” on WordPress
To Lesley Kluchin for her fantastic comment to “Unfinished”.