The Shaping of Clay

Come and enjoy Christine’s beautiful – THE SHAPING OF CLAY

Brave & Reckless

There are days
and nights
where the only thing keeping me
from sliding completely
into the abyss
from dissolving
into something
is your skin
against my skin
your mouth
against my mouth
Grounding me
Calling me home
When the knowledge
of where I begin
and end
starts to slip away from me
your body remembers
who I am
Your hands
the shape of me
The essence of me
The essence of us
How we fit together

It is fortunate for me
during this long darkness
that you are here
to guide me back
to where we live
To remake me
piece by
fragmented piece
when I have lost
the shape of myself
And that you have been
willing to do this
over and over again

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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3 thoughts on “The Shaping of Clay

  1. Touch is a very critical need for most animals, babies, toddlers, and adults alike. We crave touch, it is in our DNA. Without touch, like babies abandoned, we fail to thrive and often die of loneliness. The importance of touch is critical for physical and emotional health and how it really does remove the sting of emotional crises, fears, and doubts. It is a safe and comforting place to be. It does make one feel whole again. Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem.

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