By Charles Robert Lindholm

Sometimes Things
Aren’t Meant To Last Forever
And We Are Just Supposed
To Love The Moments,
Save The Memories,
Learn The Lessons
And Move Forward!!!

No Matter How Much We Wish
It Had Been Different
We Need To Be Grateful
For The Time Shared
On Life’s Journey
Before Having To Part Ways
At The Crossroad
In Order To Follow
Our Own Destiny!

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspirational Credit To Nandita And Andrew And The Blessing They Have Been To Me And So Many In The WordPress Community And The World!


To My Dear Friend, Megha Sood (Of Megha’s World) For Illiciting This Response From Me To Her Comment On My Reblog Of Nandita’s – THE DICHOTOMY OF CLOUDS



  1. The message in this poem is something I have been learning to live by as I’ve gotten older. Nothing lasts forever, but some things in life last for as long as we live. Others last for but a season. Either way, we take the gifts of each moment and tuck them away in our hearts and minds and we move forward thankful for the time we had. I’m learning to look forward to what lies ahead, rather than grieve myself to death over what has ended. Thank you so much, Chuck, for suggesting this beautiful poem to me. I really am glad to read these amazing words, my friend.

    Love and hugs to you.


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    1. I am so very happy that these words spoke to your heart and moved you to write this amazing comment!!! I’m hoping they will be worthy of tucking them away??

      Your words were so inspiring to me that I ended up with a little gift I will share with you – offline!! I love it when your words desire to be in a poem and you supply seeds of inspiration too!!! This was so wonderful! Thanks so much for this great comment, My Dear!!!


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      1. This warms my heart, Chuck! I’m so happy my comment could bring a little light and happiness to your day, my friend. This poem is absolutely heartfelt and beautiful and of course it will definitely be tucked away! I also received your email this morning and it was so beautiful, Chuck! I am completely humbled and honored that you find so much inspiration in the things I say. It truly fills my heart with joy. When I get a chance, I will respond to your wonderful words and read the rest of your poems that you suggested.

        You are very welcome, my dear friend! It’s a pleasure reading your work! Talk to you soon!



  2. Wonderful poem is ” Sometimes there is not forever”.

    It has s many emotions, calming and caring, sad, and the recognition of truth.
    To realise that nothing is forever is painful.
    To experience the feeling of ‘ To love the now’ is both joyful and empowering.



  3. Love this and the idea that ephemeral things have their purpose and their value in life, but that them lasting for more than a short time, even more than a moment, isn’t necessarily part of their purpose/value. I think these little moments get us through those times that seem to last forever and are rough, but are also short — they just don’t feel that way at the time. I think the saying goes “This too shall pass.” Wonderful read 🙂

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    1. Wow! Thank you, My Dear for such a wonderful and wise comment on this poem!! I’m thinking you have the inspiration for a poem of your own on this topic! I would love to see you use your comment to kick start a poem on this topic – Can I Nudge You???? LOL! Thanks again for your view and your insightful comment!

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  4. Dear Chuck

    This made me very emotional. Especially since I woke up this twilight, panicky. I was trying to document the feeling as a matter of fact when I got your ping back. And I’m still shivering figuratively. Love remains, Chuck, at least from my side. It sooo does and it makes its presence felt through these terrified state(s) between darkness and light.

    Thank you for the comfort you provided and continue to provide through your words about a love that was too good to be true. What I had with him was beautiful and your heartfelt poem just makes the raw wound singe with melancholy, nostalgia and love for that what used to be.

    “How long is forever?
    Sometimes, two and a half moons..”

    Wishing you love, peace and laughter

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    1. Dear Nandita, So hope my words did not contribute to your state??? Oooohh! You just put a gem into your response, My Dear, and I would like to see you use your feelings to write it out – “LOVE REMAINS” – great title waiting for Nandita to paint the portrait of her love???

      I was so sorry to hear about things and still am but having been through this situation I can understand! So sorry about making the wound singe!! Not my intent! It takes two to tango and it is very painful if “The Other” ends up not wanting to any longer! I hope you will continue to find comfort and peace in my words/works (check through my archives) but be forewarned some of them are raw – which you might also identify with!!
      Blessings to You, Nandita!
      Sweet Dreams (no more nightmares) and Gentle Whispers!


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