Don’t Look Back in Anger

This Is A Poem I would encourage you to read this – DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGER

A Tangle of Weeds

Don’t look back in anger
at the laughter that once roared
off the spaces
but now tastes
like the sea
when memories roll down
cheeks helplessly

Don’t look back in anger
at wounded stories of
devastating hopes, and
martyred dreams

Don’t look back in anger
not when there has been
so much love
to outweigh any bitterness
that broken hearts are
brainwashed to find a way
to lick the fresh wounds

Don’t look back in anger
Instead, look back with love at the love
that once defined You and Me.


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One thought on “Don’t Look Back in Anger

  1. Dear Chuck
    This I call positive thinking, not to look back at the dark sides of a partnership, but bring into light the good sides – this means also: to forgive and turn everything that made us suffering into positivity – I love that – thanks, my friend 🙂

    From heart to heart


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