No Two Moons

Another wonderful poem from Nandita – NO TWO MOONS

A Tangle of Weeds

I counted your breaths
under a fragrant moon
while you caressed my satin
like your life depended on it.
Each breath told me something –
things I knew
and things new to me,
answers to questions
I have always wanted to ask you
and to questions
I never thought existed.

I was counting your skin
under a pandemic sky
bursting with emotions
when I saw your lungs inflate
while I breathed your name,
I captured the solemnity of your eyes
in my palms
and I drank it with
a promise only I heard
to always remain yours
in my heart.

I may have murdered the moon tonight
But I want you to understand,
there can be no two moons.


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Don’t Look Back in Anger

This Is A Poem I would encourage you to read this – DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGER

A Tangle of Weeds

Don’t look back in anger
at the laughter that once roared
off the spaces
but now tastes
like the sea
when memories roll down
cheeks helplessly

Don’t look back in anger
at wounded stories of
devastating hopes, and
martyred dreams

Don’t look back in anger
not when there has been
so much love
to outweigh any bitterness
that broken hearts are
brainwashed to find a way
to lick the fresh wounds

Don’t look back in anger
Instead, look back with love at the love
that once defined You and Me.


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With Wonder

Come and read this beautiful poem – WITH WONDER

Sarah Doughty

“And I wonder.
I wonder if you feel
my heart calling for yours.”

I look up into the night sky, feeling the humidity in the air, sticking to my skin like molasses, and I wonder if you’re seeing the same stars. I wonder if you’re feeling the thickness in your lungs, just as I am. And I wonder where your thoughts go in moments like this. In the silence. In the night. In the moments when it’s just you and the sleeping world around you. I wonder, in these moments, if you think of me as I think of you. With wonder. With a smile. With the memories, even the bad ones, that were worth experiencing. And I wonder. I wonder if you feel my heart calling for yours.

© Sarah Doughty

I wonder if you feel
my heart calling for yours.

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