proprietary weakness ~

Come and share this elegant love poem – PROPRIETARY WEAKNESS



I remember well
the season –
mercury and venus
a watchful moon
still takes my breath away
counting time by wishes
made for one another
folded round us –

I’ve reached the age
where years no longer matter –
fissures to a dream
another page
moments I remember
a proprietary weakness –
I pass the field
we loved in
every day

. . .

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loving you was like the seasons


A Writer's Soul

Call my name; make me turn around one more time,
If only so you can see me, the way my eyes are shining from the tears,
The love only reflected when I stare at you.
We had a summer that fell into the seasons when it shouldn’t,
Lasting longer than it should…
But no one would ever complain about more summer nights and blue skies.
Call me name, the way that makes me cry and laugh at the same time.
The way I wished you’d never stop calling out to me…

The leaves change and we try to glue them to the trees,
Their reds and yellows and browns mixing with the death in the air,
And our summer nights have lost its romance and playful stars.
Call my name, once more attempt to stop the inevitable.
But we both know the chill is here to stay, our distance growing,

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Come and learn how the FAIRYTALE of love has magical powers to inspire belief.

Charmed Chaos

“Love is raw as freshly cut meat, mean as a beetle on the track of dung.”Jim Harrison

The innocent child in me believes
in love with a pure intent
the kind of love
while dancing
in a fairytale trance
and wearing glass slippers.

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Come and savor the sensuous and erotic poem – THIRSTING

Go Dog Go Café


My thirsting lips

beg for it

the chance

to slowly wrap

around your taste

letting my tongue

fascinate your senses

break former rules

open closed doors

letting my tongue

stroke words of passion

smooth away worries

wander into dreams

letting my tongue

undress your mind

unlock your fantasies

unravel your strength

unleash your masculinity

until unconscious need

renders you powerless

giving me

full control

to write the ending





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