Why You Can’t Let Go

Come and learn – WHY YOU CAN’T LET GO!

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Why you can't let go (1)

Hello loves, ❤

Sometimes we meet someone who breaks our heart, and it takes ages to heal it. It might be years later, and we still wonder why it didn’t work out.

When we can’t let go of someone, we re-experience the past way too many times in our heads. Thus we don’t embody our potential. Because there is this heavy burden dragging us back on each step we take.

When we don’t let go, we project our past on the present, and so we can’t recognize the opportunities and love that might want to come our way. It’s like walking through life with red lenses believing that everything has a red tint.

When you carry the conviction that something went wrong, it’s precisely the same. You live in an endless loop of repressed accusations and regret so you can’t see clearly.

The reason why it’s so difficult to let go…

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something I forgot to tell ~

Come read the elegant poem – SOMETHING I FORGOT TO TELL


bettlerrucken ridge

it’s not so brutal
to remember –
not a distance yet to go
I close my eyes
and for a moment –
all I’ve loved
is all I know

it’s not the dream
that keeps me dreaming –
nor a prayer
when I’m alone
it’s not the days
I know will dwindle
til the stars
recall me home

something more
is meant for sharing
something I forgot to tell
how the mountains
sense our pleasure –
higher still
when loved we

. . .

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The Memory of a Dream

Come and read the heartfelt post – THE MEMORY OF A DREAM

A Writer's Soul

It’s funny how we never expect the sorrows of love to hit us,
Trapped in our ideal fantasy, we can never picture ourselves going through what we witness in others.
I had always thought myself better than that,
Why go through the hurt and pain to experience when there was no need.
But of course, life always has a way of putting us in our place,
And that’s when fate decided it was time for us to meet.

I never cared about the empty side of my bed until you were no longer there to fill it,
I used to mock the songs and stories of those afraid to sleep alone,
But I find myself reaching for a phantom in the middle of the night,
And suddenly I’m just like all those I mocked before,
I am just another soul damaged by the connection found and then lost,
A love…

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Come and enjoy Christine’s beautiful – KALEIDOSCOPE

Brave & Reckless

We came together
broke apart
glass fragments tossed
in a kaleidoscope
tumbling into each other
symmetrical patterns
captured briefly in the mirror
before the spin of the wheel
pulled us apart
leaving our  jewel tone edges
aching from separation
Image courtesy of James Houston/Move

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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When In Love

Come learn what happens – WHEN IN LOVE

Confab With Me

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Please come and read Holly’s wistful poem of nostalgia!

House of Heart

You’ve  been gone a while but I still miss you.    I knew you when you were stealing bottles from your best friends bar, there never was a lock you needed a key for.  Browsing my photographs I found you on Karlsbad bridge, a cigarette in one hand,  a brown bag in the other.  You are  wearing a wrinkled  tee shirt beneath a  green jacket that reads Universität.   Your eyes   glazed over,  you are  on your way to  or coming from a high.   Remember that recital when you choked on your words and  how I joked   you were my warm up act,  everybody  laughed, even they loved you.   Then with no warning you left me behind when I wanted so much to see you fly.

google artpowerless birds

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