Come read Sona’s romantic poem – YOURS AGAIN

Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart

I don’t need anyone besides you,
You are enough to make my day.
All I want now is your arms around me,
Darling take this pain away.

Drench me in your love once again,
Flood my heart with tender rain.
I am going to hold you tight and sleep tonight,
Heal me complete me, make me yours again.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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Confab With Me

With great resistance,
I opened the time forgotten chest,
Rusted and worn out,
The old box held memories firmly in its nest.

It appeared from a different age,
Discolored notes,
Broken memoirs,
As if set for a different stage.

I was reluctant to stir those pensive times,
The suppressed bereavement,
Hesitant to defrost the old rime.

My curiosity still led me to ruffle the treasures,
My anxieties were so muddled it was hard to measure,
Off went the lid,
And the long-held creed,
The pulsating heart,
Emotions hard to impede.

Then I saw the shades of some impish smile,
The guffaws and the ingenious guile.

The memories came gushing,
Like an endless deluge,
The sudden paroxysms,
reminiscence fresh and crude.

I stood there holding to abandoned dreams,
The nostalgic

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